Leaders in Public Affairs

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Nabil Alyousuf & Associates is a leading public affairs advisory firm committed to helping multi-national organizations build bridges with governments across the GCC. For more than a decade, we have been working with multi-national organizations to assist them in navigating policy landscape of the GCC. The function of public affairs is unique in the GCC due to the unique structures of governments. We have a deep understanding of these structures since our team members and associates have all been senior government officials here.

GCC Expertise

Our team of strategic advisors are unique positioned to helping multi-national organizations navigate the strategic and operational landscape in the GCC. We are all from the GCC and speak the local language. Our team consists of former senior government officials with extensive experience and insights into how governments in the GCC work.



Customized Approaches

We work with clients to understand their strategic priorities in the GCC, especially those related to policy issues. We analyze issues for them, identify opportunities, develop plans and execute them in a collaborative manner with the clients to ensure that we understand their corporate culture and structures


Building Bridges

As regional experts, we provide insight into the complex political, economic and regulatory environments, help multinational companies build bridges with key government stakeholders and maintain strong working relationships with those who influence decision making. We are committed to not only helping our clients build partnerships with government but also to ensuring they fully understand the strategic opportunities and risks of working in the region.

Results That Matter

We do not produce lengthy reports and white papers. We focus on producing results that matter to the client. We have been delivering impactful results for clients for the last decade, which explains why most of our clients stay with us a long time.

Advocacy Through Strong Ties

We strive to build strong relationships for our clients with key stakeholders in the GCC. We advise them on how to influence key decision makers on policy areas that are important to them. We believe in the GCC, personal relationships are the key to successful advocacy and it needs to be approached delicately. We advise clients on programs and initiatives that can build strong and sustainable relationships with governments here.



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